European Capitals of Culture 
are more than artistic and cultural events –
they are long-term orientated  
urban and regional development projects!

For European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) it is not the main aim to create one year full of mega events for inhabitants and visitors or build spectacular new buildings. Anyway "Architecture" and "Urban Development" are mostly a very important fields for those cities: The basis for all the projects of an ECOC is an appropriate "hardware" in the meaning of: artistic and cultural venues, which are targeted on a sustainable improvement of the local cultural offer an on a development potential for cultural and creative industries, equally to the renovation of cultural centres, rededication of former industrial waste land, replacing of neighbourhoods or new buildings.

Furthermore European Capitals of Culture have to deal in a sustained way with the own city, its strength and weakness, its position in Europe, its inhabitants and their and cultural- and sociopolitical needs as well as how the ECOC can ensure long-term planned development.

In short: European capitals of culture are in a culturally driven urban development process with an European dimension.

Within the framework of our Study Tours, specialised on different fields, it is all about the elaboration of the complexity of cities and their unique feature: It will be our pleasure to expand horizons together with you, discover new dimensions, refect habits, develop ideas, learn from others and to hand over own know-how and experiences!

"This is the pleasure of traveling, that also ordinariness gains the reputation of an adventure by novelty and surprise." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
A group of people in a room, listening to a conference, in the background a huge poster showing a violet horse.
A group of people standing in front of the concrete facade of the museum MUCEM in Marseille.
A human like sculpture out of containers at the seashore with a group of people sitting on benches around it.


Architecture and urban development
Culture policy and social, economical, financial and political situation
Long-term culture, urban and regional development
Cultural infrastructure, Creative Industries
(Cultural) Tourism
Labour-market situation / unemployment
Migration & Marseille / Integration


Conceptual development of individual Study Tours
Meetings and round tables with ECOC-managers, local artists and cultural stakeholders
Networking with local architects and city planners
Lectures and presentations
Exchange for (potential) Capitals of Culture with representatives of the local Capital of Culture organization
Organisation of the whole stay (excluding organisation of means of transport upon arrival/departure and accommodation)
Carina Kurta & Pia Leydolt-Fuchs
7, Square Protis
F-13002 Marseille

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