European Capitals of Culture

  1. European Capitals of Culture
  2. Artistic and cultural projects
  3. Contemporary Art
  4. Cultural diversity
  5. Architecture
  6. Urban development
  7. History

CaP.CULT is an agency specialised in mediation for architecture, art and culture, proposing differentiated and profound insights into the city by means of individual circuits, personally developed and assisted cultural programmes for one or several days.

CaP.CULT connects with local architects, urban planners and culture project managers and organizes meetings - for architects and all those interested in architecture and culture, students as well as delegations of the economic, political and cultural sector.


Architecture: Marseille-Provence

  1. Urban city development
  2. Current architectural projects
  3. Transformation and new constructions
  4. Urban development project Euroméditerranée
  5. Reconstruction after the world war: Fernand Pouillon, Le Corbusier etc.
  6. Architecture, art & culture