Whether as an entry into the theme of the "European Capital of Culture" (ECOC) in general or as a visual and informative overview of "Architecture & Urban Development" in ECOC in particular as well as to many other topics such as sustainability, cultural change, audience development and participation or the European Culture Network, we will be at your disposal during your stay for lectures, presentations and round tabels!

We are glad if you are interested in our offer - as a (bidding city for) ECOC, a civil society institution, a (culture) political body or as an architectural office, association or circle of friends - for your employees, local target groups and stakeholders in the context of events, conferences or workshops!

Additionally we are also offering lectures and workshops on another of our main fields: "Mediation of European Capitals of Culture"!
Since the very beginning of our work, it is our request to "export" the original idea of ​​CaP.CULT wholeheartedly, professionally and at a high level in the coming European Capitals of Culture. Therefore we have developed an "ECOC-Guide-Workshop" focused on the quality of guiding in the European Capitals of Culture. It deals profoundly with how to communicate the concept and the content of the ECOC in a most efficient way - in respect to the visitors' interests and needs!

References (selection): CAFAP (FR/DE) – CULTURALLIA 2015-Forum/Mons 2015 (BE) – ECOC Family-Meeting in Pilsen 2015 (CZ) – International network guiding architects (in Turin) – Tourism industry of the ECOC Wroclaw 2016 (PL) – Circle of supporters of the Het Nieuwe Instituut - Archive of Danish Architects and City planner (DK) – Hanseatic city Stralsund (DE) – Culture Department of the city of Kassel (DE) – Bjerking Engineers & Architects (SE) – Kulturhauptstadtforum 2025, Universität Hildesheim (DE) – Danube Cultural Conference Pecs 2017 (HU) – BTO 10 Milano 2017 (IT) – Matera 2019 (IT) – SPD Ratsfraktion Hannover

A group of people in a room, listening to a conference, in the background a huge poster showing a violet horse.
View of a white building box with white stings creating a net.
A human like sculpture out of containers at the seashore with a group of people sitting on benches around it.


Generalities of the concept "European Capitals of Culture"
Architecture & urban development in the European Capitals of Culture
Influences & impact on European Capitals of Culture:
- cultural, social and economic change
- audience development and participation
- sustainability & legacy
- tourism and city marketing


Presentations, lectures and round tables
workshops, moderation
During events, conferences or workshops
For employees, target groups and stakeholders
Inland & abroad

For (biding cities for) European Capitals of Culture, Institutions of diversity management, cultural political boards, architecture offices, associations or clubs, student groups
Carina Kurta & Pia Leydolt-Fuchs
7, Square Protis
F-13002 Marseille

0033 (0)6 95 77 43 89 // 0033 (0)6 95 77 45 31
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