CaP.CULT acts as a (missing) link between the official European Capital of Culture-organisation and visitors!

We see ourselves as a "practical guide" in the field of ECOC - for all those interested in culture and architecture, private persons and groups, students, (biding cities for) European Capital of Culture and delegations of economic, political and cultural sectors.

Everyone has already heard about "European Capital of Culture" in some context or another - but what exactly does it mean? How does a city or region become ECOC? What does it mean - on a regional, national or even international level - to the city, the region, the inhabitants? How is such a huge project financed? How does the programme come into being and who is involved? How is the programme developed? What is shown? How to participate? And what will happen once the year is over? 

It is our aim to answer these questions comprehensively and quite clearly at the same time as well as to implement our consolidated knowledge, our experience and extensive background information about this project of the European Union.

Beside the social and organizational competence the basis of quality of our offer is to be up-to-date in the current programme of the ECOC as well as in current debates on politics, economy and culture. Along the way during the individual organized and personally accompanied walking tours or several day programmes, the visitors encounter artistic projects of the ECOC and get ideas of the history, the development of the city and the dynamic of the year of ECOC. 

For groups CaP.CULT organizes additionally meetings with local architects, city planner and project manager who inform about their projects and experiences in respect to the year of ECOC.

For students CaP.CULT organises special excursions including cultural mediation programmes as well as creative workshops (e.g.: drawing classes, photography, literature, graffiti etc.) in cooperation with local cultural institutions and project managers as well as meetings with local artists.

For delegations of economic, political and cultural sectors as well as (potential) Capitals of Culture, CaP. CULT also organizes meetings, discussion and round tables with representatives of the local Capital of Culture organization, with project managers and local and regional politicians - with the aim of international networking and knowledge transfer. 

"It's never too late for European Capitals of Culture!"

Each year we incorporate two further cities into our repertoire. Anyhow we keep a selection of former ECOC in offer because of their development and potential. In case you did not make it to visit those cities during the year of ECOC we would be pleased to organise a current and individual programme and the schedule of your city trip still there!

Visit with us Leeuwarden 2018, Valletta 2018, Aarhus 2017, Pafos 2017, Donostia-San Sebastián 2016, Wroclaw 2016, Mons 2015, Pilsen 2015, Riga 2014 or Marseille-Provence 2013.




Guided city tours
Themed tours / priorities
Meetings and round tables with local cultural project managers and architects
Networking with local project creators architects and city planner
Lectures and presentations
Exchange for (potential) Capitals of Culture with representatives of the local Capital of Culture organization


Half, whole or several day programs
Individual organization
Focus on your interests
Personal assistance
Background information, know-how and experiences
Local contacts and networks 

Carina Kurta & Pia Leydolt-Fuchs
7, Square Protis
F-13002 Marseille

0033 (0)6 95 77 43 89 // 0033 (0)6 95 77 45 31

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